See your mobile team in real time & assign them job accordingly

Task Force Dispatcher




“Task Force Dispatcher” is a management tool that improves the efficiency of your mobile teams. Agents are shown on a map, making it easy to assign jobs to the nearest available team member. By getting real-time visibility into where teams are, work can be scheduled in a smarter, more efficient way


Two portions are involved in the project:


  • Mobile Agents


  • Dispatcher Side



Mobile Agents



Mobile app view

These agents will have mobile-app on their mobiles(agents could be your company’s employee).Agents location will be send to dispatcher side using their mobile gps. Agents can see himself moving on the map so he can keep track of where he is going.

Through app agents will also be enable to see his/her nearby ATM`s.

Mobile agents can also view jobs on app assigned by the dispatcher/operational team. When dispatcher will set a job for particular agent, it will automatically be updated on agent`s mobile so he may keep in touch with dispatcher team.







Dispatcher Side



Dispatcher side is online web based portal, Dispatcher/operational team can view dozen’s of multiple mobile agents in real-time on their appearing map & can keep track of each agent location.


Dispatcher team can create job with address of location and client’s detail & assign in to a particular mobile agent accordingly (nearest available). Dispatcher/operational team can also view the job history to keep track of the jobs.









Scope of a project



When a problem arises, Dispatcher team can assign job to the nearest available worker. Mobile agents using app on his phone to see an update job, make it easy to organize & stay in touch with operational team back in home ways. Using “Task Force Dispatcher” right person will get the right assignment at right time.


Business/organization can use it to keep track of their employee. Companies who deliver packages or install connections can use this management tool to keep track of their work-force.

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