Common problems in freelancing and how to tackle them

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Problem 1: You’re too little for people to respect you
By far the most common problem of freelancing is being a freelancer. Many people don’t seem to understand or respect those who are sole traders and run their own businesses. As you’re the only person on your team it somehow makes people assume that you’re not worthy of your day rate or even capable of the services you provide. They’ll try to knock you down on price or take advantage of you, suggesting you do things for free.

Solution: If too many people are making wrong assumptions about you and your business, pretend to be bigger than you are. That’s right. Pretend there’s more than one of you. Change the language on your website and marketing literature to say ‘We’ instead of ‘I’. Say you’re an ‘agency’ if you think it will help.
Alternatively, you could pull together a network of other freelancers to offer collaborative services. You could also consider paying for virtual services, having your own virtual PA answering your calls. There’s no harm in pretending to be bigger if you think it will gain you the respect you deserve.

Problem 2: People assume you can do things for free
Because you’re a small business and just operating alone, some people will try to take advantage by asking you to do things for free. You’ll hear things like ‘Why don’t you do this one without charge and we’ll promise you more things in future when we’ve got the budget?’ or the old classic ‘This free project would be a great addition to your portfolio’.

Solution: People will always try it on, exploiting your freelance position at every turn. Because you’re a sole trader, they’ll assume you’re desperate and grateful for any work that might come your way. You’re not, so don’t let people treat you that way. The only time you should do work for free is when you need to build your portfolio or if you think it really will lead to more work. For example, if a big name brand approached you and wanted some free services, you should weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of helping them. To tackle everyone else, just say no. But always be nice because you don’t want to burn any bridges.

Problem 3: Time Management & Self Discipline

Solution:Having self discipline is main key to success in your freelancing carrier. The time management and every other regularity come into it.

Problem 4: You ofthen feel lack of Productivity

Your client might not want to hear “no” from you on any task in the project assigned to you. And of course you will also not want to say “no”, no matter you have never did this task before or not sure how to get it done.

Solution:Actually freelancing is not all about utilizing your practice from your previous work, it also about keep learning new things and preparing yourself for newer things in future projects. You should have spirit of accepting challenges and also have an attitude of “can do it”.

Problem 5: You thought it would be easy
You’ve got your degree, some decent experience under your belt and you’ve launched your freelancer website – the work should be pouring in right? Wrong. You’re quickly discovering that freelancing isn’t easy and might present more challenges than you anticipated. You feel like giving up and really can’t see
a future in your business.

Solution: Don’t give up! Everyone who freelances starts out with the same negative feelings. Yes, freelancing is very challenging but you really should stick to your guns and persevere. You’ve only just started and you have to expect that it could take up to two years before you’ve properly established yourself and the work is trickling in nicely. Bottom line? There’s no secret to success or quick fix. The success of your business relies on you and you alone. Hard work, ongoing marketing, being passionate about what you do and having realistic goals will put you on the right track.

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